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Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash

Why Choose Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash?

Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash

Conveniently Located

Our Express service car wash
is conveniently located at
1002 Gum Branch Road

Emerald oasis express car wash

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Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash

Free Vacuum

Everyone who buys a car wash,
gets a free vacuum. We have 23
high powered, long hosed vacuums.
Use them as long as you like.

Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash


For those needing hours outside
of our express hours we offer
2 self service locations.

Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash

Welcome to Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash.

Service and Quality: That’s what we are all about. Unlike other express car washes, we use plenty of product to ensure that your car leaves sparkling clean. We always have friendly, courteous staff available to explain all of our products and services. In addition, if you are nervous about driving your car through the car wash tunnel, we will do so for you.

Our state-of-the-art car wash equipment is designed to ensure the best wash possible. Our bug and grill brushes are designed to clean out bugs without manual labor. You and your car deserve the best, so we make sure that we have the best. In addition to our high quality equipment, we also have 23 free vacuum spots available for use and we offer free Windex and towel use for window cleaning.

Car Wash Express

You don’t want to spend hours at the car wash, so when we say “Express Car Wash” we mean it!  We have three tunnels available, along with 2 pay lanes and a members’ only lane, so we will get your car through fast! Each car wash tunnel can hold 4-5 cars at a time, allowing for even quicker washes.

For those who are members, the membership RFID can be used in any wash lane. You can just choose the shortest line and use that one. To learn more about our car wash membership packages, click here.

We are proud to be an ICA Water Saver Division Member for the National Car Wash Association.

What are you waiting for? Stop by today and give your car the wash it deserves.

Emerald Oasis Express Car Wash

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